The Secret IS OUT: Introducing Sanaa Soul and Urban Couture by Gina Capers Willis

Many times when I am out I am often stopped by accessory lovers as they admire a pair of earrings, necklace or bracelet that I am wearing. Many times than not, the piece has been custom designed by none other than Gina Capers Willis of Sanaa Soul Designs..  As an artist Gina has a knack for capturing the essence of her client and being able to help deliver the “WOW” factor needed to close the deal on any look or outfit. 

Gina Capers Willis, a former preschool teacher, began her career as a Jewelry Designer when a coworker asked her to make a few pieces that she saw in a Fashion Magazine.  Gina has always been creative and artistic as she also previously did hair.  But at that very moment she discovered her calling and her passion, that was 2005 and the birth of Sanaa Soul has forever changed her world.  Gina’s pieces have been in heavy rotation via her website, facebook page, and requested by many of the industry MOVERS AND SHAKERS.. With her tenacity and attention to detail, Gina hand makes every single piece that is delivered to your front door. 

 Considered more of a Mixed Media Artist, when something captures her attention her creativity can’t be restricted.  Her reach goes as far as: Vintage clothing, gemstones, leather, crystals and wood, her eclectic style is always prevalent.  Gina has also been commissioned for several weddings where she created lavish Feathered Hair Fascinators, Custom Purses and one of kind Custom shoes

In today’s market, Gina has been able to maintain the success of her business by offering her designs at very affordable prices.. Whereas other custom designers are steadily increasing their prices, Gina is always looking for ways to keep the cost down for her clients. Her goal is create an initial design and then she reseaches ways to recreate that look for a much cheaper price.  Her prices begin at $20 and tops out at $175 per piece.. Unheard of!

Many of her items are UNI-sex, and she welcomes custom designs from her clients.  Gina loves to collaborate with her clients, she often brings to life designs stored in her clients soul.. She breath’s life into an idea.  That’s exactly what she did when I called her recently with the vision of the “glimmer g.l.a.m charm bracelet” collection.  I had the vision, I saw the bracelet, but Gina brought it to life for me.  She also perfected the look and developed that final Couture edge that only she could do.  We are currently offering our “glimmer g.l.a.m. charm bracelet” collection for pre-order. Email me at for more info on pricing and delivery timeline.

Due to the success of her current line Sanaa Soul, which focuses on the earthy, bold, natural sista; Gina launched her second line entitled “Urban Couture”.  This line is for the glamorous diva who loves the glitz, shine, and boldness that requires much bling.  Gina refers to both of her lines as her ALTER EGOS.. As they both are complete opposites of one another, but they are both HER. It allows her to design and develop pieces for whichever space she is currently in.  She stated “In the future I would like to develop a small urban and soulful line of my pieces for major department stores”.   With my predictions, Gina is not that far away from accomplishing this goal.  Hey, I can see her getting there with our “glimmer g.l.a.m. charm bracelet” collection.  To view more of her fabulous pieces, visit:,, Facebookers type “Sanaasoul” or email her at

Now with all of the noise around Sanaa Soul/Urban Couture’s beautiful line of jewelry, here is your chance to win a free pair of “Balling” Swaroski Encrusted hoops, custom designed by Urban Couture (pictured above).  Here are the guidelines for entry:

1) You must be a fan of the g.l.a.m. Facebook Page

2) You must be a fan of the SanaaSoul Facebook Page

3) You must follow both g.l.a.m. (@Glamrs1) and Sanaa Soul (@SanaaSoul) on twitter

4) You must tweet “I am about to win these FABOLOUS “Balling” earrings courtesy of  @Glamrs1 & @SanaaSoul” 5 times.

After you have done all 4 of these steps, send a email to to be entered into the contest. Please note that we will select the winner of the contest on August 30th.. So you have plenty of time to win.. GOOD LUCK!!!

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The Secret IS OUT: Introducing Sanaa Soul and Urban Couture by Gina Capers Willis, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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